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In today’s challenging economic environments, investors are turning to gold, silver and other precious metals. Fears of hyper inflation, currency devaluation and an all time high of unrest around the world, precious metals are booming in popularity. If you are looking for legitimate, honest, trustworthy places to buy real gold and real silver online then look no farther. We list the best place to buy gold online whether you are looking for physical “in your hand” gold or if you want to make some paper investments and have your gold stored in secured vaults around the world.

Best Places To Buy Gold Online

    • #1 – JMBullion – Top Place to buy physical gold & silver online
    • #2 – APMEX – The nation’s largest and most active gold & silver dealers
    • #3 – BullionVault – Top choice to buy and trade gold online
    • #4 – Ebay – From trusted sellers only. Great way to get current ‘in your hands’ prices

JMBullion peaks the top of our list for places to buy physical gold and silver online for many reasons. Not only are their precious medals guaranteed to be authentic but they stand behind their products during the shipping process as well. JMBullion maintains responsibility for your silver or  gold until it is safely delivered into your hands. Security is at the top of their list. They maintain ultimate security by using secure SSL web pages for financial and individual information. Not only do we find their extreme measures of security to be valuable we find their gold and silver to be valuable as well.

APMEX, the American Precious Metals Exchange is our long time favorite place to buy gold and silver. Online purchases are quick and easy and they have phone lines open if you would prefer to speak to someone over the phone. You are buying gold and silver from one of the largest gold dealers in the world and one of 13 exchanges who are authorized to purchase from the U.S. Mint. Purchasing from APMEX means knowing your gold and silver is real and that you are getting the most competitive rates. Exchange your cash dollars (Federal Reserve Notes, aka fiat currency) backed by nothing of value into something that has a real value. We have purchased from APMEX multiple times in the past and recommend them to our friends and family. is our top choice for investing into paper gold that you can quickly and easily trade online. Any gold you buy is stored safely in the vaults and their trading platform is designed to give you access to the best prices as a buyer, directly into the trading market. If you are looking for a way to buy gold on paper and diversify your portfolio then take a strong look at bullion vault. They are especially tailored to people who want to trade their gold often and offer different currencies. They remind me a little bit of forex but they are focused on the trading of gold in different currencies.

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Welcome to where you can browse the best selection of gold online. Browse the selection of gold bars, gold bullion, gold coins, gold jewelry, silver bars, silver bullion, silver coins and silver jewelry. Gold and Silver are a time-tested, proven storage of wealth. While the dollar continues to decrease in value everyday, it’s time to convert some of your Federal Reserve Notes into Gold and Silver assets.

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The #2 best place to buy silver or gold online is through ebay, from one of the trusted sellers. You know you are paying the current best auction price for the metals online and if you buy from one of the trusted sellers with excellent feedback history then you are likely fine purchasing from them. The gold and silver market is extremely active on ebay and it is a great place to look for the current selling price of 1 oz silver coins or checking the current rate before you buy 1 oz gold coins from a local dealer or even through APMEX above. They act as a great place to buy silver or gold and even better for confirming that you are getting a fair deal from someone who you may not know as well.

Should I Buy Gold? Should I Buy Silver

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Our #1 Rated Place To Buy Gold & Silver - Diversify Your Portfolio With GoldLook farther back in history and you will see that gold and silver are in an up trend and they act as stores of value. If the printing of billions of dollars by the Fed causes inflation then the paper money in your wallet and in your bank accounts is going to be worth less than the paper it was printed upon. Today, a $20 Federal Reserve Note will will get you around 9 gallons of gas. It will also purchase an Oz of silver (almost). If inflation occurs that same $20 bill might only buy you 1 or 2 gallons of gas. However that Oz of silver that you purchased for $20 earlier will still get you roughly 9 gallons of gas. No one can answer the questions of “should I buy gold” or “should I buy silver?” other than yourself. The real question you should ask yourself is would it be a good idea to exchange some of your paper money for stores of value like precious metals.

If “it hits the fan”, 1 oz of silver can get you through a weeks worth of food and let’s hope it never comes to that. Instead, if you want to hedge against the possibility of inflation in a real asset then the answer of should you buy gold or should you buy silver is an easy one.


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